The 19th / 20th Centuries

See how uniforms evolved during this period from bright reds and blues to the Khaki worn in the Boer War. Muskets also developed into rifles and swords largely became ceremonial.

The alabaster chair of the Amir of Scinde is one of the trophies of war from the battles of Hyderabad and Meeanee when the 22nd Regiment of Foot won two of their most famous battle honours.

Following a reorganisation of the Army, Chester Castle became the Depot of the Cheshire Regiment in 1881.

From India in the 19th century the display moves on to South Africa and the Boer War of 1899 – 1902. Two Cheshire Yeomanry companies served here along with the 2nd Battalion of the Cheshire Regiment.

Soldiers serving abroad were not forgotten by their families in the “with love” display of keepsakes and official gifts to the Regiment by the ladies of the County.

smokers friend

A smokers friend.


A selection of keepsakes.

The chair of the Amir of Scinde

A collection of Cavalry swords