Silver of the Cheshire Regiment

Over the years fine collections of silver were built up by all the Battalions of the Regiment. Pieces were either presented to messes by individuals or paid for by mess members to commemorate particular events in the history of the regiment. . Below are a few pictures of just some of the many items held by both messes.

statuets 1973

Officer mess centre piece, colours and statuettes 1973.

The 1st Bn officers mess silver display Allahbad 1933

A detailed picture record of all the silver owned by the regiment is held at the museum archive.

Menu holder containing the Regimental quick march presented by Lt Col P L de Martin in 1963.

A fine example of a cup presented by a territorial officer for shooting.

The piece presented to the officers by Major General Parry in 1907 on his retirement from running the Officers Dinning club!