Post War 20th / 21st Century Conflicts

The Post War Conflicts room tells of the conflicts on Palestine, Korea, Cyprus, Malaya Suez, Kenya, N Ireland, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan all of which involved the Soldiers of Cheshire.

A bed space display is a reminder to all those National Servicemen who became citizen soldiers to meet the Post War need to maintain a large Army. Many of them gave their lives in those conflicts.

The Malayan jungle in the late 1950’s was a harsh environment for the young conscripts and a tableau depicts a young corporal brewing up a cup of tea by his ‘basha’ having been resupplied by Auster aircraft. The scene is complete with bugs and creatures of the jungle!

For 40 years the troubles in Northern Ireland kept the 1st Battalion the 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment busy with many tours of duty.  There are examples of a riot shield and baton from 1969 and more modern protective armour from the late 1990’s.

A display covering the United Nations work of recent years in Bosnia and

many other countries where the blue beret and badge are being worn today

Operational tours for the Cheshire Regiment continued

n Ireland

Community relations on patrol in N Ireland.

in the 21st century,  in Northern Ireland and then to Iraq in 2004 and 2007. Now the focus is on Afghanistan where The 1st Battalion, The Mercian Regiment (Cheshire) has recently served with distinction.

A shield and baton used in Northern Ireland

patrol in afghanistan

1 MERCIAN in Afghanistan.

bosnia 1993

Bosnia 1993

A National Serviceman

A Malayan jungle scene c1958