The Battle of Meeanee 17 February 1843

Sir Charles Napier led a small force of 2,500, consisting of native infantry and cavalry and one British regiment, The Cheshire Regiment, against the Baluchi Army of the Ameers of Scinde. The desert fortress of Emaun Ghur was destroyed and then, on the 17th February 1843, Napier’s small force defeated 30,000 Baluchis at Meeanee. The province of Scinde fell into British hands and the Cheshire Regiment gained the honours of Meeanee, Hyderbad and Scinde. The honours of Meeanee and Hyderbad are shared with some Indian Regiments. That of Scinde is borne by The Cheshire Regiment alone.


The Miniature Colour.

August 24th 1914 during the retreat from Mons, the First Battalion was positioned in between the villages of Dour and Elouges and received orders to retire from the field. The Cheshire Regiment received this order ten minutes after the Regiments on their left and right and were cut off by overwhelming German forces. Realising that the battle was lost Baker rushed into a house in the village of Audregnies and stowed the colour behind some straw, begging the occupants not to give the colour to anyone but an Englishman.



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