We offer schools sessions led by a member of Museum staff for Key Stages 1 – 4. Tailored sessions are also available on request.

Key Stage 2:

Cheshire at War

Discover what life was like for the people of Cheshire during World War Two. Children will learn how to protect their homes against air raids and gas attacks and learn how to put out an incendiary bomb. Explore the lives of local Cheshire soldiers who fought around the world.

Full day session includes making a small toy!

Key Stage 2

Full Day £4

Half Day £2.50

Maximum group size: 40 pupils

Also available; Joint sessions with the Grosvenor Museum to cover, rationing and make do & mend!

World War One Workshop

World War One Workshop

A hands on session using real and replica objects to learn what life was like for Cheshire soldiers during the Great War.

Key Stage 2

Full Day £4

Half Day £2.50

Maximum group size 40 pupils

Key Stage 3 & Key Stage 4:

The Great War

Tailored sessions are available for key stage 3 & 4 pupils studying the Great War. Guided and self led visits are also catered for.

Additional Resources

Resource packs using in depth information taken from Regimental Archives covering the following topics are available for free:

“Florence Nightingale and the Victorian Army”

“The Great War”

“World War Two Document pack”

Discovery Loan Boxes –  Learn through objects, using a selection of real and replica objects. Boxes include World War One, World War Two and the Modern Army.

How to Book

For more information and booking please contact the Museum Officer, Caroline Chamberlain:

Tel: 01244 327 617



Come and join Charlie Cheshire to learn about life during wartime. Taught sessions for World War One and Two available, guided tours and much more!


A young ARP warden rings “All Clear”!


The Trench


Sheltering in the WW2 pill box


Pinning the medical wheel of fortune

Learning what life was like for soldiers in WW1 using real and replica objects. What does it feel like to wear a gas mask?