Cheshire Regiment Veterans Funeral Assistance

The Museum staff have now taken control of the funeral boxes. Each box contains:

 1 x Regimental Flag

1 x Union Flag

1 x No2 Dress Hat and Capbadge

1 x Regimental Belt and Buckle

We have 2 funeral boxes available for loan, however, a refundable deposit of £100 by Cheque is required upon collection.  The Cheque will not be cashed until the agreed return date has passed and the box has not been returned.

Requests for Regimental Standards and/or a Bugler cannot be arranged by the Museum. Those who carry out these tasks do so on a voluntary basis and arrangement for these must be made with the individuals concerned.

To book a funeral box, please ensure you have the date of the funeral confirmed and then phone 01244 327617 with your request.