Introductory Room


Begin your journey though four centuries of the military in Cheshire in the Introductory room.

We introduce you to the museum by explaining about army terminology and badges of rank. The history of the army in Chester which goes back to Roman times when the city was known as Deva. In more recent times this castle was the training depot of the Cheshire Regiment from 1881 to 1942. A short history of the castle is displayed.


The extensive medal collection is held in over 200 drawers and this is designed to be a memorial to the men who have left their medals to the museum.

On leaving this room to begin your tour there are a series of boards which each tell very briefly the history of the Regiments and The Eaton Estate in the museum.

Never forget though, the museum represents a still vibrant and active army in the life of the nation.

medal draw


Extensive medal collection including Victoria Crosses

A National Service Cheshire Regiment soldier in battle dress

A model of the castle training depot from 1882 to 1942